Karma Clan & WoTi Community Giveaway


World of Tanks, a game published by Wargaming,

As been around roughly since 2010.

Every now and then, Wargaming releases a new Tier VIII Premium Vehicle in order to keep their content updated and so players can buy a different variety of Premium Tanks to farm either Credits or Free Experience. 

This time, they released the HWK 30.

It’s a Tier VIII Premium Vehicle from Germany and it’s classed as a Light Tank.


We wen’t on a look out for feedback from more experienced players and we came across really good feedback.

I’ve only played 8 games in it… but I can tell that the tank is a capable Tier VIII light. I prefer it over the Tier IX RU-251 tier for tier and I prefer it over the Blackdog, and over the HWK 12″ – 24_inch_pythons


So, in order to let our viewers text the tank, we decided to giveaway 5 Rental codes.

You can participate in the giveaway here:


HWK 30 Rental Codes [ EU Server ]

If you’re one of the lucky winners, please let us know in the comments your feedback about the tank


Do you like this kind of giveaways?

Let us know in the comments, so we can make them more often!